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Wi-Fi for Home and Office

Homes and offices are smarter than ever. These days even restaurants and shops are brimming with IoT devices. As your peace of mind, productivity, and entertainment now relies on Internet dependent devices and applications, it’s important to have a network that can support dense multimedia traffic, but also optimize it.

World-Class Performance / Speed

Exceptional performance and faster speeds delivered to even the most bandwidth-intensive smart devices.


Built with powerful antenna arrays to deliver faster speeds at a greater, more effective range to reduce the number of access points needed.

Larger Device Capacity

Support a larger number of connected devices to meet the demands of today’s smart home technology.

Seamless Voice and Video Streaming

Designed to support bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive voice and video traffic without compromising performance.

Peace of Mind

Supports the latest security encryption methods to keep your smart home secure.

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