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CCTV Installation

Did You Know?


London has one of the highest number of CCTV cameras of any city in the world, with 33 councils operating approximately 7000 public CCTV cameras. In comparison Paris has around 326 equivalent cameras.

With over 70 million passengers passing through Heathrow airport every year, more than 6,500 CCTV cameras are installed.

Scotland Yard's Chief said, "EVERY home in the UK should have home surveillance to help catch burglars".

Vice-Chairman of the BSIA said, "CCTV has been a silent witness to crime, gathering indisputable evidence after a crime has been committed".

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Video Analytics

Our Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) cameras feature on board analytics that provide intelligent solutions, automatically analysing captured video. IVS can detect, classify and count the behaviour of objects within a specified scene to improve parameter security of improve security within certain areas.

CCTV Camera

Control Integration

CONTROL INTEGRATION: With integration with automation systems that control modern Smart Homes, we can customise alerts and triggers to suit specific and user requirements.

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